Tour Code: VET095
Tour Type: Western Ethiopia-Sudan
Duration: (20 days and 19 at nights)
Access: by surface

Day 01:  Arrive Addis Ababa.
Day 02: Drive to Jimma visits the coffee plantation and Aba Jifar Palace at night hotel.
Day 03: Drive to Gambela at night hotel
Day 04: Visit Nuer and Anuak Pepole at night hotel
Day 05: Drive back to Gambela at night hotel
Day 06: Drive to Nekemt at night.
Day 07: Continue for Chagni and Fumuze People and color full market if the day is Sunday at night local hotel or camping.
Day 08: Drive to Bahir Dar for at night in hotel
Day 09: Morning drive to Blue Nile fall then afternoon boat trip on Lake Tana to visit monasteries at night hotel.
Day 10: Morning drive to Gondar and afternoon visit the castle compound and churches in Gondar at night hotel.
Day 11: Drive to Metema to Sudan border and continue to Gaedarf at night hotel.
Day 12: Drive to Khartum at night hotel.
Day 13: Drive from Khartum to Karima at night rest houses
Day 14: Visit the Jebael Barkal and necropolis of El Kurru at night rest house.
Day 15: Excursion trip in the Nabian desert and the 4th Cataract at night rest house.
Day 16: Drive from Karima to Mere at night camping.
Day 17: Drive from Meroe to visit the necropolis and to the Royal city of Meroe, at night camping.
Day 18: Full day excursion to the Naga and Musawwarat temple at night in tent
Day 19: Drive from Meroe to the Omadruman &proceed to Khartum at night hotel.
Day 20: Transfer to Khartum Airport for the flight to Addis or connect other country.

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