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Visit Ethiopia Travel, your best tour operator to discover Ethiopia. Ethiopia, a land of contrast and a truly best kept secret, that offers uncountable gifts and an unforgettable memory for visitors is relatively unique from the rest of the world. Ethiopia has a proud and long history extending to the known beginning of humankind. The mysterious and the tallest ever standing monolithic monuments of Axum, the astonishing and perfectly designed rock hewn churches of Lalibela, the magnificent and elegant castles of Gondar, the marvelous and decorated wall of Harer(Jegol) and other architectural remnants exist testifying the great civilizations of the country registered centuries ago. Thus visit Ethiopia Travel helps you to explore the untouched and sacred destinations.

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Here at Visit Ethiopia we have a variety of insight fully planned and well-developed tour packages and itineraries to meet the different interests and needs of our esteemed clients.


Ethiopian heritage comes alive in the many beautiful and well-preserved museums, monuments, cathedrals and cultural centres in Addis Ababa. The city’s churches,  open-air market and street life reveal Ethiopian’s authentic and ancient religious and cultural blends.


Scenic sites around central Ethiopia are dominated by exotic natural beauty. The Ethiopian Rift Valley Lakes region is a paradise where you can rejuvenate with golden sand beach stay, stunning bird life and sheer greenery with magnificent mountain ranges loomed on the horizon.


If you are looking for a holiday somewhere where few people have ever set foot , or if you are seeking the most demanding yet enjoyable adventurous trekking or camel hiking holiday somewhere in one of the deepest points on earth, here is a perfect destination – the famous Danakil Depression …

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This tour is guaranteed not only to discover Ethiopia’s antiquity, but also to engage and enlighten visitors through a look at mysterious and extraordinary monuments, incredible rock churches, monasteries and edifices as well as centuries-old castles, palaces and forts. The Historic Route is truly where a shadow


The Simien Mountains National Park is an ideal absorbing landscape for adventurous trekking enthusiasts. Majestic chain of rugged mountains, impressive escarpments, numerous terraces and a unique afro alpine plant and beautiful animal community characterize the Simien Mountains National Park in Ethiopia.


The Southern Omo Valley is Africa’s last remaining true wilderness. Forgotten by the rest of the world, …  the most fascinating and colorful yet fearsome tribes of Ethiopia, who inhabit on the banks of the mighty Omo River and all the hinterlands between Jinka and the border with Kenya and Sudan.

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