Ethiopia, a land of contrast and a truly best kept secret, that offers uncountable gifts and an unforgettable memory for visitors is relatively unique from the rest of the world.

Ethiopia has a proud and long history extending to the known beginning of humankind. The mysterious and the tallest ever standing monolithic monuments of Axum, the astonishing and perfectly designed rock hewn churches of Lalibela, the magnificent and elegant castles of Gondar, the marvelous and decorated wall of Harer(Jegol) and other architectural remnants exist testifying the great civilizations of the country registered centuries ago.

The natural beauty of Ethiopia is amazing.   It is endowed with a breathtaking rugged mountains (the Semien Mountains, the highest peak, 4543 m and the Bale Mountains for instance are iconic landscapes), great escarpments and stunning vista is waiting for real adventurers. Thus the country is often awarded as’ the roof of Africa’.

Do you know the only feature of planet earth which is visible from the moon, the rift valley, is a remarkable region of volcanic formed lakes, with their famous collections of birdlife that makes Ethiopia truly a paradise for bird watchers?

Ethiopia is the source of the life giving river of Blue Nile and many other rivers, lakes and waterfalls in which some of them must rank as one of the greatest spectacular in Africa today.

Its biodiversity makes the country an important place for scientific studies and research. Abundant birdlife, endemic mammals (from the goat like Walia Ibex to the Giant molle rat), beautiful flowers, butterflies, and with many more indigenous plants, the country is absolutely a suitable place for living things go through a normal range.

The Danakil depression, the hottest place in the world (48 ◦C/ 118 ◦F), offers you the most color ful world that you couldn’t see anywhere else in the world. The mazes of the beautifully natural curved limestone walls of the Sofomer cave is offering  ‘Wow’ feeling and extreme adventure.

Beside the magnificent history and splendid nature, Ethiopia boosts vibrant and colour ful culture. The mass  celebrated festival, such as the recently registered world heritage- Meskel (the finding of the True Cross)  and the unregistered yet deserved  -Timket (Epiphany) have a power even to strangers to set in motion and stick together the crowd without a fear and left  inexpressibly happier moment.  The spicy based aromatic Ethiopian dishes such as Doro Wot (Stew )  and the exclusively homemade drinks such as Tej (the Ethiopian honey wine)   are also creating some good feeling in an extraordinary level.

The indigenous smallest grain, Teff (scientific name), which is an ingredient to make the staple food of Ethiopia, Injera, has become popular in some parts of the world for its gluten free nature and good source of fibres, carbohydrate, iron , phosphate.