Transport: Surface

Tour Code: VET077
Durations: 14 days & 13 nights

Western Ethiopia is a truly extraordinary place to visit with superb scenery and colorful culture. The Nuer people in Gambela are known by body scarification; Surma men people are known by the stick fighting, called Donga

Day 01: Drive to Menagsha Forest which is from the 15th c. during the time of Amda Tsion, continue driving to the Ambo town for overnight. O/N Ambo Ethiopia Hotel
Day 02: O/N Ethiopia Hotel
Day 03: Drive to Dembi Dolo, through wild coffee plantation, enjoy the Oromo Villages, O/N Local Hotel
Day 04: Drive to Gambela through the natural forest, enjoying the different wild animals and the Nuer villages, O/N Gambela Ethiopia Hotel
Day 05:Drive to Gambela National Park, have some game view of the and other beautiful Birds, drive through the Anuak and Nuer villages, back to Gambella, O/N Ethiopian Hotel
Day 06: Drive to Tepi through the luxuriant tropical rain forest and different vegetation and the wild coffee tree and then to Bebeka coffee plantation, O/N Guest House
Day 07:Drive to Tulgit and see the villages of the Surma known for their inserting round wooden or clay plates on their lower lip, O/N Camping
Day 08: Drive to Kibish where you can see the main settlement of the Surma people who apparently have much in common with their kinsmen the Mursi as manifested in languages and cultures. O/N Camping
Day 09: Drive to Maji where you can visit the villages of the different tribes such as Dizi and Minit who live around the Omo National park. O/N Camping
Day 10: Drive to Mui the head quarters of the Omo National Park which is the most inaccessible park in Ethiopia hence the least visited. O/N Camping
Day 11: Game viewing in Omo National Park where you may probably see the Big Game animals including: Buffalo, Lion, Elephants and others like Giraffe. ON Camping
Day 12:Drive back to Bebeka coffee plantation, where coffee has been growing wild for centuries: in one of Ethiopia’s richest and most fertile province of Kaffa- where coffee comes from and: the word originated. O/N Guest House
Day 13: Drive to Jimma visits the palace of Aba Jiffar and the Museum. O/N Ethiopian Hotel
Day 14: Drive back to Addis, evening departure

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