Type of tour : Tribal tour to Omo Valley, Bird Watching

Tour Code: VET 036
Duration: 12 Days & 11 nights
Transport: surface 

Day 01:  Arrive Addis Ababa.

Day 02: Drive to Langano, Admiring the crater lakes of Debre Zeith, the Rift valley Lakes of Shalla and Abyata, with numerous birds like pelicans flamingos and more. Continue to Langano lake. If possible, at night at the new wenny Lodge, a lodge secluded in nature, paradise for vegetation, birds animals and quietness.
Day3 Continue to Arba-minch, with some stops for the wolayta people and house on the way. Very interesting their houses, way of life, cultivation of the false banana (from which they extract their local bread, called KOTCHO). Afternoon drive to the mountains of Chencha village to visit the houses, weaving clothes (for which they are ex[termlu famous), cultivation of Sorghum, false banana (Enset) of Dorze people. Dinner and at night Arba-minch Swanes hotel
Day 04: Drive to Jinka, by admiring on the way you will visit the Konso, Derashe ` Tsemay, Bena and Aki tribes. Luch at Woito and at night Jinka
Day 05: Morning drives to Mago national park and see the Mursi tribes in the adjacent pains. Lunch and rest at your campsite in the Mago Park. Late afternoon games drive in the Mago National Park. Dinner and at night at your camp in Mago Park
Day 06: Morning drive to Murulle. Lunch and Camp at Murulle amd afternnon drive to Korch to vist Karo tribes at the bank of Omo River. These tribes are quite famous for their body painting skills. Dinner and NIGHT at Murulle camping.
Day 07: Morning drive to Omorate to Turmi via Dimeka. Afternoon see the hammer tribes at different villages.
Day 08: Morning drive to Omorate to visit the Dasanech (Geleb people) the either side of the Omo River then to Turmi in the afternoon and visit if there is market or bull jumping ceremony.
Day 09: Proceed to konso, visit konso village Mecheke and new.
Day 10: Drive to Arba-minch and visit the gifted Nechsar National Park. Afternoon in time permits procad for a boat trip on Lake Chamo to see the hippopotamus, big pest Crocodiles and pelican bird colonies.
Day 11: Drive to Awass, the lake side town in the Rift Valley, afternoon visit the beautiful Lake Awassa and its Birds at night Awassa, Hotel
Day 12: Morning visit the colorful fish market in Awassa and drive back to Addis.

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