Tour Code: VET034
Duration: 22 Days & 21 nights
Transport: surface

Day 01: Arrive Addis Ababa
Day 02: Drive Jimma at night hotel
Day 03: Bebeka night camp or lodge.
Day 04: Turn for Dizi people night camp.
Day 05: Tulgit for Surma people NIGHT camp.
Day 06: Kibish for Surma, villages, ceremonies, ways of life possibly look for the game of Danga night camp.
Day 07: Back Tulgit night camp
Day 08: Drive Tum night camp
Day 09: Drive Tepi night camp
Day 10: Drive Jimma at night hotel
Day 11: Cross Wolayta people, for Arba-minch, night hotel
Day 12: Morning visit Dorze people afternoon crocodile on Chamo Lake on Arba-minch.
Day 13: Morning Nech Sar park afternoon konso people & villages night localhotel
Day 14: Tsemay& Hammer people night Turmi camp or lodge.
Day 15: Hammer people, possibly markets & ceremonies as bull jumping to qualify for marriage. Visit their villages & traditions, night Turmi.
Day 16: Omorate for Dassanech people at Omo River bank night back Turmi
Day 17: Karo people & tradition Duss & Koncho villages & view over Omo River, night Turmi
Day 18: Visit Erbore people night konso
Day 19: Yabelo for Borena people and El Sod crater possibly Dublock wells too night camp or local hotel
Day 20: Back to Rift Valley Lake of Langano night hotel.
Day 21: Rift Valley lakes and back Addis Ababa night hotel
Day 22: Departure

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