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worshipper in Sof Omar Cave, Ethiopia

Sof Omer, caves of mystery

Are you a real thrill-Seeker looking for your next challenging experience in Ethiopia? No matter where you are on the adventure, Sof Omer cave may be just allow you to experience underground worlds safely and easily.

Sof Omer, features spectacular lime stone landscape with Underground River, irregular sinks, interconnecting zigzag cave passage and cavern, is an impressive form which is rarely found in the world. The gallery also contains breathtaking columns, buttress, domes, vault of pillars (‘chamber of columns’ is most dominant feature), canyon, halls, boulders in which nature has put its signature.

Sof Omar is not just that one experience nature has worked a marvelous architecture but also it reveals long aged, still living Islamic traditions.

Sof Omer is the name of a medieval holy man, sheikh saffffiyualh Ummar, who lived in the area thousands years ago. Islam has become a culture in a unique way than a religion. The national geographic magazine awarded the site under the list of 10 scared caves (places) of a life time along with Elephant cave of India and & Long men (Dragon Gate) of china.

The cave (a) representing major stage in earth’s history, helps to unlock the earth’s history, (b) contains superlative natural phenomena or exceptional natural beauty and aesthetic and (c) has exceptional cultural significance, the cave system is extremely impressive and no doubt waiting to be registered as a world heritage.

Sof Omer is located in Bale, south western Ethiopia. With discovered 15.1km. It is claimed to be the longest cave system in Africa. It stands 306th in the world, though it is very extraordinary to see. It is formed by Weib River, which rises from Bale Mountain. It has 42 entrances and exits, but generally only four are useful for gaining entrance.

Inside the cave tributes, bats and fish are the only living creature. But in the village one can see abounds of wildlife. Dik dik, kudu,several cats, rock hyrax, giant tortoise, snake, lizard, as well as more than fifty species of birds.

Visit the very little known & confirmed mysterious cave of Ethiopia, discover new entrances and write your name in bold.