Tour Code: VET092
Tour Type: Historic route Ethiopia-Sudan
Duration: (23 days and 22 nights)
Access: by surface

Day 01: Arrive Addis Ababa at night hotel
Day 02: Drives to kombolcha if the day is Sunday visit the Sebbete market.
Day 03: Drive from Kombolcha to Lalibela
Day 04: Full day visit of the 11 rock hewn churches of Lalibela at night hotel.
Day 05: Drive to Mekele, on route visit of the beautiful scenery
Day 06: Proceed to Adigrat on the way visiting the Tigray churches.
Day 07: Drive to Axum to the origin of Ethiopian civilization
Day 08: Full day city tour of Axum includes the stele field, the church of St Marry Zion and different Archeological sites.
Day 09: Drive to Debark admiring the Tekeze gorge, the “Lima Limo” road other beauty full scenery
Day 10: Drive from Debark to Gorgora at night hotel
Day 11: Cross to Bahir Dar over Lake Tana by boat. On the way visit the island monasteries.
Day 12: Morning drive to visit Blue Nile falls PM visiting the market papyrus boat production and more.
Day 13: Morning drive to Gondar afternoon tour of churches and castles.
Day 14: Drive Metema crossing Sudaness border at night hotel
Day 15: Drive to Khartum at night hotel
Day 16: Drive from Khartoum to Karima to visit the archeologiacal Museum proceeds to the western desert for the Wadi Muqaddam with Acacia tree and small groups of Bisharin nomads with their animals. Then drive to Nile across the small of Merawe and after the river crossing, reach to Nubian rest house just at the foot of the Jebel Barkal for at night.
Day 17: Drive to Kairma to visit the Jebel Barkal (Jebel means mountain in Arabic) which is isolated red sand stone mountains and considered holy since ancient time and you find temple dedicated to Pharaohs of the new reign and to their patron Amon then proceed to the Royal necropolis of the ancient city of Napata, the the capital of Nubian from 800-400 B.C before the Meriotic period for the large number of pyramids and two tombs at El Kurru and return back to Karima at night at the rest houses.
Day 18: After a short visit of the market
Day 19: Excursion trip to Nabian desert and to the 4th cataract, which prevent the Nile from flowing slowly but from many rapids at abstract the navigation, then return to Karima for at night in rest house.
Day 20: Crossing the Nile by ferry boat enters the Bayuda desert area bounded by the loop formed by the Nile between the 4th and 6th cataract. This Cataract is characterized by shop block Basalt Mountain most of them are volcanic and cone shaped. It is very likely to meet isolated groups of camels and donkey caravans of the Biharin nomads then drive to Atbara town found between Nile and river Atbara where you will cross the Nile for the last time the visit many small camel thorn acacia trees at night fixed tent or camp.
Day 21: Morning visit the two Archeological sites. The site of Naga located 30 km to the east of the Nile is one of the two centers that developed during to the Meriotic period and a few dozens of meters away from there is a small and add construction with the arches and columns named ‘Kiosk’ which in which we can notice the Egyptian, the Romans and the Greek style at the same time. The other site, in Musawwarat, not far away from Naga, the settlement, located in a beautiful valley crossed by hill to visit the ruins of a very big temple and its main characteristic, the Great Wall, is made by many constructions and boundary wall which surround a temple built n the 1st C. A.D or little before. Beyond the big wadi there is another recently restored by German archeologist mission-dedicated to the Apedemak god. Picnic and then return towards the Nile and stop at the town of Shendi to visit the market, in the afternoon return to the camp of Meroe for at night.
Day 22: Morning drive south and after about 50 km wegety in to a desert area covered with huge round granite boulders. These are the last offshoots of the rocky formation of the 6th cataract. In late morning arrive Omdrum, the ancient capital of Sudan. Visit the interesting Sauk, where it is possible to buy some typical local handy crafts then transfer to Kartum to the hotel
Day 23: Depart to Addis Ababa respectively.

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