Tour Code: VET065
Transport:  drive 4WD & on foot
Duration: 15 days & 14 days 

Summary: rift valley lakes and Bale Mountains

Day 01: Drive to Awash National Park, to see some birds of prays and others including the Tawny and Battler, the Abyssinian and Lilac breasted Roller, etc. o/n Hotel at Nazareth
Day 02: In Awash National Park further exploring the Fentale areas to see different starlings, Vultures, Eagles, etc, o/n Karayou Lodge
Day 03: Drive through the Ethiopian mid-rift system, stopping at Lakes Koka and Zway such as Crowned and common cranes, Fish Eagle, Jacanas, etc. o/n Langano Hotel
Day 04:Drive to Abiata-Shalla National park, enjoy the breeding and feeding grounds of Flamingos, Pelicans, cormorants, storks and other aquatic birds, o/n at Awassa Hotel
Day 05: Drive south to Yabelo; explore some of the birds in the reserve, such as the Abyssinian Bush Crow, White tailed swallow, Somali Sparrow and Short tailed Lark, etc o/n Motel
Day 06: Full day exploring birds around Yabelo, o/n Yabelo Motel
Day 07: Drive to the town of Mega, with birding along the way which includes: Golden Breasted Starling, Helmeted and Vulturine Guinea Fowl, Superb starling, Lilac Breasted Starling, etc
Day 08: On the way to Negele explore the forest around ton of Arero. About 168 species have been recorded including 2 endemics that are among most sought-after birds in Africa: Prince Ruspolis Turacco, Salvador’s Seedeater, etc o/n Local Hotel
Day 09:& 10 :Spend 2 days exploring the diversified environment around Negele, expecting to see; Prince Ruspolis Turraco, Salvador’s Seedeater, Sidamo long-clawed Lark, White Crowned Starling, etc o/n Local Hotel
Day 11: Continue driving to Sanati Plateau, driving on the highest all weather
Road and highest moorland in Africa, Birding along the way includes: Golden backed wood pecker, White backed black Tit, Black Headed Siskin, o/n Wabe Shebelle Hotel
Day 12:Full day birding in Bale Mountain National Park and return to Goba with a chance to see the Lamer Geyer, Abyssinian Cat bird, o/n Goba Wabe Shebelle Hotel
Day 13: Drive to Wondo Genet with birding on the way, o/n Wabe Shebelle Hotel
Day 14: Full Day birding around Wondo Genet, o/n Wabe Shebelle Hotel
Day 15:Drive back to Addis, afternoon leisure or Shopping

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