Tour Code: VET096
Tour Type: Southern Ethiopia-Kenya.
Duration: (18 days and 17 nights)
Access: by surface and
Day 01: Addis Ababa
Day 02: Drive to Arba-minch, crossing the Rift Vaaley lakes and Wolayta People at night Arba-minch Swayness hotel (or other)
Day 03: Morning Chencha hills for Dorze people. PM boat trip on Chamo Lake at night Arba-minch
Day 04: Drive to Jinka, by admiring Konso, Derashe, Ari Benna and Tsemay people at night camp or local hotel Jinka town
Day 05: Visit the Mursi people and villges at night Mago park camp.
Day 06: Enter into the karo people region and visit their village of Korcho and Duress with beautiful view over the Omo River too at night camp Murulle or Duress.
Day 07: Continue for the Hammer people region & at night Turmi at the Evangadi campsite & lodge (Camp or fixed tents).
Day 08: Turmi, for villages folk dances possibly market & marriage ceremonies.
Day 09: Excursion to Omorate, at bank of Omo River, for Dassanech tribes & villages. Back to Turmi for at night
Day 10: Drive through Tsemay and Erbore people to the Konso villages at night Konso local hotel or camp
Day 11: Enter into Borena people region and afternoon visit EISOD crater (where down to a crater, from a marshy lake, Borena men extract salt for their cattle), Borena villages and more at night Moyale.
Day 12: From Moyale to Mersabit National reserve at night camping.
Day 13: From Mersabit to Shaba National reserve then proceed to Sanburu National reserve at night camping.
Day 14: Full day excursion game drive in Saburu National at night camping.
Day 15: Drive to Mt. Kenya at night Safari club
Day 16: Excursion trip to Thika then Nairobi at night hotel.
Day 17: Visit of Nairobi and the surrounding.
Day 18: Fly back to Addis Ababa or connect to other destination.

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