Tour Code:  VET089
Tour Type: Eastern Route
Duration: (19 days and 18 nights)
Access: by surface

Day 01: Arrive Addis Ababa, at night
Day 02: Drive Kombolcha if the day is Sunday visit the Senbete Market on the way to Kombolcha at night hotel.
Day 03: Drive to Afar people if it is Monday Bati Market night camping at Mile
Day 04: Drive to Denakil depression, at night camping.
Day 05: Drive to lake Afdera at night camping.
Day 06: Visit the active volcanic area in Ertala region at night camping.
Day 07: Climb the Active volcanic area for the unique panoramic view at night camping.
Day 08: Back to the vehicles at night camping.
Day 09: Drive to Semera at night camping.
Day 10: Early in the morning drive to Djibouti at night vamping on the shore of Lake Easal enjoying the beautiful view
Day 11: Drive to Tajuira to relax on the beach at night camping hotel
Day 12: Crossing the Red sea by boat and drive (if only one has health certificate) to enjoy the different specious of fishes and aquatic animals
Day 13: Drive to Lake Abe at night hotel
Day 14: Back to Ethiopia over land and proceed to Dire Dawa at night hotel.
Day 15: Drive to Harar to visit the old town, the 4th Moselem city, typical Adere house and in the evening the Hyena man show at night.
Day 16: Drive to Awash National Park for Awash River fall and wild as well as bird life at night camping or local hotel
Day 17: Visit the palm side hot spring and the Kereyu people at night hotel.
Day 18: Back to Addis Ababa via Metahara Lake and Nazareth at night hotel.
Day 19: Departure

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